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Brand Identity: 5 Ways How Visual Elements Influence Consumer Minds

Updated: Dec 8, 2021

A company’s brand identity is how it presents itself to the outside world, and visual elements play the most vital role in making the identity recognisable. When used consistently, visual elements can influence consumer minds by creating a cohesive image of the brand and its values, such as dependability, speed, trustworthiness, innovation, etc.

Visual branding becomes even more critical in digital marketing as most consumers look online and feel validated by their choices. Your brand visuals get only a few milliseconds to leave a mark on their minds. How you create a unique visual experience can make or break your brand identity. Hence, all brand talk is futile if the imagery isn’t eye-catching. In the expanding visual-hungry generation of consumers, your picture needs to speak a million words!

Visual cues are critical because they influence our perceptions. Think about a black apple, a blue ‘f’, a swoosh or a red ‘M’. What instantly pop into our minds are the big brands associated with these logos and colours. We are familiar with these big names because of the uniqueness of their visuals and reiteration of the same elements every time we approach the brand.

Some of the essential visual elements are logos, fonts, colour, imagery and layout. However, these elements need to come together to successfully deliver the brand’s intention and thus leave a lasting impression.

Let’s delve into how various visual elements influence consumer minds:

1. Logo: It’s the first thing people see. The logo creates the first impression of your brand. Logos reflect your company’s image and should be eye-catching and original. Having said that, the process involved is complicated as the image must convey the emotion targeted by your brand. Whether simplistic or artistic, the logo design needs a lot of thought as the picture should stand out from the crowd and tell who it belongs to.

2. Typography: Every font has its own characteristics and evokes different emotions. For example, serif fonts exude a classical impression while sans serif, modernist fonts convey professionalism and simplicity. Whatever your choice, it is imperative to use it consistently in all your communication in every medium.

3. Colour: Colours have a deep impact on the consumer psyche. Colours have cultural references and trigger different feelings in consumers’ minds. For example:

  • Red helps customers focus, attracting attention towards something urgent.

  • Yellow represents optimism, implying solutions to problems.

  • Blue is known to boost productivity or even create a soothing environment.

  • Black or violet colour works for a futuristic or edgy feel, while white stands for purity.

  • Orange represents creativity, while green is associated with growth.

While creating your visual elements, choose 3 to 4 complementary colours that are unique and haven’t been used by other brands. Employ this palette in designing your logo, lettering, website and every communication. Your colour palette will be imprinted in the minds of your consumers when used consistently at every touchpoint. Thus, when they look at those colours, they will recall your brand.

4. Imagery: With more and more people preferring visuals over texts, images have a vital role in a brand’s communication with consumers. Images reinforce and complement the logo and colour palette, adding to the impact created by your written content and message. At the same time, your images should convey the same feeling that the text, logo and brand personality wish to present. This cohesiveness is the key to ingraining your brand in the minds of your consumers.

5. Layout: In an online world, your website is your shopfront. Layout, colour palette, typography, images and logo all converge here like pieces of a jigsaw to create the bigger picture of your brand identity. Choosing a clutter-free and attractive website design is key to driving sales online. Moreover, add the visual elements in your digital footprint at every customer touchpoint, such as social media, personalised emails and client interactions.

Yugen understands the nuances of various visual elements while presenting your brand to the world. To creatively bank on these tools, connect with us and unlock the true potential of your business.

Contact us today at 098334 83166 to know how.

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