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Should you shift advertising from traditional to new media?

Updated: Dec 8, 2021

Billboards, newspaper advertisements, television ads, and other traditional media allow firms to reach a large target audience.On the other hand, new mediawill enable businesses to target a specific audience through social media, paid internet advertisements, and search results. While traditional media tends to be more expensive due to its broader reach, digital media marketing offers a cost-effective method of reaching your target audience. But should this be an either-or argument? Not really.

While often positioned against one another, traditional media and new media can offer immense value when combined. Let’s delve into how that happens.

1. Data from traditional media can be leveraged to direct efforts in digital marketing and improve engagement with potential customers.

2. New media has a much lower CPM than traditional media. Social media, for example, has a roughly $2.80 CPM. A wise mix of both conventional and digital media can optimize advertising budgets for your business.

3. New media is significantly more engaging than conventional media.Social media and other new media enable direct connection and engagement between businesses and consumers.

4. Cutting up your advertising pie into different types of media marketing can let you reap the benefits of both traditional and new media. Effective digitalmarketingcan go viral, giving your business the potential to reach millions beyond geographical barriers.

The days of spending just on one type of media are dwindling as companies attempt to engage customers through various channels. To gain a comprehensive advantage for boosting the bottom line, consider working with Yugen for a complete digital marketing plan tailored to your requirements.

Contact us today at 098334 83166 to know how.

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