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Branding and Design

‘Branding services that ensure your brand leaves a mark!’


B2B and B2C Marketing Strategy that ensures a strong brand identity.


‘Create a unique identity to stay competitive and get an edge over other market players.’


Building a unique brand identity requires you to have a compelling value proposition that bridges the gap in the market and caters to the needs of the customer. An effective branding strategy focuses on your brand’s core strength, thereby differentiating yourself and winning over your competitors. Our expertise in branding helps take your brand image to the next level, making it the go-to choice for customers.


Our business branding solutions range from brand name development to logo design to brand positioning and marketing. At Yugen you name the service, we provide it!



Integrated Design Interface that Develops User Traffic.


‘Our designing services make your brand recallable and create a retaining impact.’


In the age of rapidly growing online businesses, every company must have a digital presence through a website to gain customers. A polished website development company like ours can give you an edge by incorporating your brand elements into your website. 

We are a distinguished branding and design company providing top-of-the-line design services to convey your brand message across media platforms. Since your website is the first online sales representative for your company, it is also considered the biggest factor in determining a company’s credibility. Developing stunning designs and layouts for your website to draw the audience’s attention is our forte.


Pricing Strategies

Position and Pricing Strategy

Pricing Strategies for your B2B/B2C Business

Pricing as a positioning tool is a lot more common than you may think. The positioning provides a conceptual template for the services you offer, your marketing messages, your pricing structure, and your brand.

We, at Yugen, help you position yourself based on your operational capacity. The two approaches include capturing market share by setting low prices or by positioning yourself towards the higher end of the market. 

We carefully analyze your business, clients, competitors and build an enviable competitive advantage for your brand. We position your brand to make it appear more fascinating than a general firm by offering customers the specialized expertise they might be looking for.


Website Marketing


From website development to brand visibility and sales-driven campaigns, our professional team has been working on combining multi-channel marketing strategies to create websites that our clients can take pride in. If you are looking for an effective marketing plan to promote traffic to your website, you have arrived at the right place! We offer everything from Google search to shopping and from native ads to remarketing.

Promotional Strategies to Drive Higher Sales.

‘We help you drive globally’


Sponsored Ads Campaign Management

‘Drive your sales through sponsored ad campaigns on various platforms.’


  • Optimised bids enable you to compare with competitors and suggest bids for Page 1 placements leading to increased impressions, clicks, and conversions.

  • Doing away with keywords having no sales and adding keywords relevant to the products through Keyword Optimization.

  • Ensuring relevant clicks at optimal cost by Creating Targeted Campaigns and organizing them according to keywords, products, and descriptions.


Retail Markets

Third-party Marketing

Amass Upstream and Downstream Retail Markets for Higher Conversion Ratios. 


Yugen helps sellers to display their products to customers through ad listings on Amazon, Flipkart, Pepperfry, Jaypore, Bigbasket, and the likes. Depending on the brand category, we propose and drive onboarding for market reach and sales. 


Third-party sellers like Amazon, Flipkart, and Pepperfry dominate the downstream retail market and have tremendous power in terms of setting the rules as upstream sellers. We help in listing, positioning, and sponsoring your products to drive higher sales and conversion ratios. 


We help maximize your value creation, increase your return on marketing investment and broaden your consumer reach with a combination of marketing strategies tailored for your brand identity.


Brand Awareness

Cross-promotion and Alliances

‘Delivering what we promise’

Research suggests that as many as 54% of companies have mentioned that cross-promotion drives more than 20% of the total company revenue. When a partnership is built right, it can help double your audience. Collaboration and alliances result in an influx of new leads, increased sales and brand awareness, improved reputation, and much more at a lower advertising cost.

Our 3 step cross-promotion strategy involves:

  1. Setting goals

  2. Choosing the right partner

  3. Selecting preferred channels

digital marketing.png

Digital Marketing

Social Media Marketing

‘Delivering Social Media Representation according to your Brand Identity’

Digital marketing is now the new marketplace to reach new audiences, target key demographics and filter target markets. Digital Marketing is an avenue that offers opportunities for higher engagements through influencer campaigns, affiliate marketing, organic reach and paid campaigns. Direct collaborations with creators and brands pave the way to a higher reach and paid partnerships help in cross-pollination marketing. 



CRM & loyalty Program

‘Offering outstanding products while achieving customer loyalty’


A survey suggests that a 5% increase in your customer retention rate can lead to a 95% boost in your profits. Our dedicated Customer Loyalty Programs tap into the key drivers of customer loyalty.


Looking after existing customers by offering customer loyalty benefits is a great way to say thank you. Adding incentivized referrals rewards the shopper for spreading the word about your business. And you get someone to do acquisition marketing for you!


Increase Traffic


‘We help you increase traffic, rank better, and achieve higher results ‘


As a leading digital marketing company, we realize that any business is driven by much more than just SERPs. What drives it is the right audience- real people whose presence matters. 


Our team of SEO experts curates professional SEO services aligned with your brand and business needs. With our innovation-led approach, we can help your business acquire a strong foothold while gaining visibility among Search Engines.

Our Partners

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