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Enthusiastic, free-spirited, a crossfitter, and a pet parent are how Heena chooses to describe herself. With over 15 years of hardcore marketing experience in FMCG, E-Commerce, Fashion, and Lifestyle, Heena has worked with brands like Lindt Chocolates, Welspun, amongst others. For her every day is a new opportunity and that’s her biggest driving factor in everything she does. With the changing face of the economy and the burgeoning startup sector, she saw a need gap in the market and decided to move away from her corporate stint to consult with startups for their marketing needs. In five years, she created award-winning campaigns for her brands across platforms both online and offline. Her success stories have ranged from unique community initiatives on Facebook, strategic alliances with Uber India and have also been featured by Google for their SME businesses.


Driven to achieve and a goal-digger at heart, Heena is passionate about and committed to high performance and delivering results. Her experience as a consultant convinced her that it was time to up the game and led to the formation of a full-service enterprise that is Yugen.

The driving force at Yugen, Heena spearheads the business and believes that its key for her and the entire team to have fun at work to not just let a single minute get boring but also to ensure that the diverse range of clients and industries Yugen caters to allow for new learning opportunities for everyone.


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