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Selling on Amazon for new business ventures

For new businesses, one of the most profitable ways to sell online is by becoming a seller on Amazon. E-commerce has left behind conventional selling because it saves on expenses and offers a wider reach. In the third quarter of 2021, third-party sellers drove 56% of Amazon’s sales by leveraging Amazon’s global reach and size to connect with consumers.

Once you decide to sell on Amazon, create a seller profile, add your items, and attract buyers. Amazon offers walk through tutorials for each stage. However, you should expect the following:

1. Select and pay for a plan, either as a one-time sale or as a subscription model with the Professional program.

2. Decide on your strategy, such as selling your own brand or reselling others.

3. Create a seller account to identify your company and allow payments.

4. Add your items’ full descriptions and necessary technical specs.

5. Set your pricing and attract customers using one of Amazon’s numerous marketing add-ons.

Here are 3 ways to help your new business sell successfully on Amazon:

1. Market proactively: Once you have listed your products, buyers won’t come to you automatically. Beat the competition by creating an effective digital marketing plan to drive potential buyers to your Amazon page. Seek professionals who can customize social media marketing and digital marketing that suits your needs.

2. Pick the right product: As a seller on Amazon, research the best-selling products and check product reviews of competitors to know their pain points. That way, you can design, price and market your product better than your competition.

3. Engage buyers and build reviews: Reviews on Amazon can make or break the buying decision of potential customers. Engage existing buyers to provide feedback and reviews.

To build your new business on Amazon, come to the experts. Yugen can drive your growth by targeted digital marketing and guidance to boost sales on Amazon.

Contact us today at 098334 83166 to know how.

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